Monday, December 27, 2010

Bee Theme Birthday Cake

Bee Birthday Cake

Bee Birthday Cake

especially since it That was INCREDIBLE.. The manager quickly got the right person to decorate a cake and it was ready for me in 20 minutes!!! Let me go get some help". I said to the cake decorator, "I'm sure there has been some mess up..

 If you are in a grocery store like I was recently and your birthday cake that you ordered and that you were to pick up at 3:00 was never made, would you sit and argue with the baker or would you go to the management of the store? Think about it. wherever I go, there are OTHER QUEEN BEES that I have to get to know! So I realize that even though I'm the QUEEN BEE in MY world..

 just in case I NEED to know! I'm not always
Bee Birthday Cake

compelled to, but I do like knowing WHO is the QUEEN BEE wherever I go.. I will meet them if I want or need to. I gravitate towards the people who manage or run the show. Many places I go, I tend to be noticed.

 I think of myself as a Queen Bee! but it's also important to know WHO is

the QUEEN BEE WHERE!!! I think it's cute.. but you're still a QUEEN BEE!!!

 you can call yourself A BULL for all I care.. Okay.. You're a
Bee Birthday Cake
man? What?

 Where can someone NOT trip you up!!!??? Where are you most confident? Where do you rule the roost? Think about where you DOMINATE. but some of the times!

 maybe not all of the time..  Okay..

Bee Birthday Cake
Bee Birthday Cake
Bee Birthday Cake

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