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Ladybug Theme Birthday Cake

Ladybug Birthday Cake

Ladybug Birthday Cake
Snack food could include For a drink, you could serve red punch or lemonade. Ideas for indoor parties are endless-flowers, gardens, hanging insects, etc. Pipe cleaners are great for antennas, too. Decorate them with large black polka dots from either construction paper or fabric.

 Get black pipe cleaners and red cloth and have the kids make their own set of bug wings. One idea for an outdoor party would be to have a picnic. Make your choices based on age of children, length of party, and the weather. Indoor parties or outdoors parties are both fun and each is very doable.

Ladybug Birthday Cake
Of course, bees buzzing around are a cute idea too. You could
even create a ladybug on the ceiling with red and black balloons. You can twist green construction paper,and cut out petals from colored paper to form giant flowers. Decorate the party room to be an enormous garden. If you're doing an outdoor party, I would suggest an invitation inviting them to "buzz over to lunch" etc.

 Invite them to dress as their favorite bug and come to the Ladybug Ball. Send red and black polka-dotted invitations to all of your child's friends. There are so many ideas that can be
Ladybug Birthday Cake
incorporated into a successful birthday party that go along with
this theme. Many children dream of flying away on an adventure, and everyone wonders how different the world would look if they were bug size.

 Ladybug birthday themes have been very popular the past few years.  So you're thinking about a Ladybug theme for your child's birthday.

Ladybug Birthday Cake
Ladybug Birthday Cake

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