Friday, January 14, 2011

"Flowers are love's truest language" -unknown

I saw that quote somewhere once and never forgot about it...I think everyone loves receiving flowers, especially if they are on a cake.  I love the look of fresh flowers on a baked goods but you have to make sure that they are organic and not full of pesticides!

 Or you can make them yourself with gumpaste :).

I realize that not everyone has the time or patience to make gumpaste flowers but they are sooo easy to make if you have the right tools.  The project can become a little time consuming, but once they dry they last forever.  Just place them in a box or tin and they are ready whenever you need them.  I like to stock up on them so that way when its time to decorate a cake I dont have to worry about getting flowers done..they are already made and I can just place them on the cake.  

Here are some flowers I made today:

Flower cutters, flower veiners, roll'n'cut mat, small rolling pin, small off set tapered spatula, artist palette, paint brush and gum glue

leave to dry at least 24hrs

Here I have gumpaste tool kit, rose petal cutters and flower foam

Pink fondant and gumpaste paste. 

Its not the nicest rose but I'm still practicing. Larger ones are a little more challenging
Now go and make some!

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