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Birthday Cake & Bakery : Inspired Birthday Cake & Bakery Decoration Techniques

Inspired Birthday Cake & Bakery Decoration Techniques
You can go into any grocery store and find a lot of pre-birthday cakes decorated in the bakery or freezer. Some of these are decorated birthday cake really inspiring, however, and not really much to say to the person who is celebrating his birthday. This is one of the main reasons that people take the trouble of making homemade birthday cake or order one from a cake decorator instead of expertise.

Inspired Birthday Cake & Bakery Decoration Techniques
The reason that a custom birthday cake is really make a statement because the person (or people) that the decoration will face a very clear and somewhat original style to use. What does that mean? Just consider some of the best birthday cake you've ever seen ... making it memorable? Was the fineness of decoration, or was the artist's unique style that really made the cake? Most often it is the art which impresses anyone, and often is simply because the cake decorator understand the main elements of his own personal style.

Inspired Birthday Cake & Bakery Decoration Techniques
For example, say you always buy cakes from a bakery in particular. You may have noticed that the baker uses a wide range of pipes of different techniques if the cake is frosted with whipped cream or chocolate buttercream. You may also have noticed that Baker always uses multiple layers or levels in their cakes too, and this really shows your personal preference in the "silhouette" of the cake.

How can these design features add up to a kind of personal style? We need to re-bought cakes local supermarket chain ... these had zero inspiration and may have been made by someone in the bakery. This is because they were not designed and do not depend on personal preferences.

Inspired Birthday Cake & Bakery Decoration Techniques

Therefore, if you are looking for some inspirational ideas for decorating a birthday cake, the first step is to work on identifying your personal decoration style. Rather make sheet cakes, tiered cakes, or cakes baked in special molds? Do you think you have a glacé or preference? What do you think about different piping techniques?

Once you start thinking about the answers to these questions, you will be able to start creating a theme birthday cake design really original. For example, you may find you want to use smaller, deep cake pans, the full stack layers on top of each other, and then cover the cake rolled fondant. Then you might want to decorate the outside of the cake with all kinds of rolled fondant symbols that are designed to coordinate with the theme or personality of the person celebrating his birthday. For example, the person may have a polka dot themed party and huge points could roll fondant to cover the surface of the cake totally inspired and original.

Inspired Birthday Cake & Bakery Decoration Techniques
It may take time and practice to identify a personal decoration style, but once you become aware of their preferences in glazes, forms and general design elements will realize that all their cakes are really original and impressive.

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