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Jungle Theme Birthday Party

 Jungle Theme Birthday Party

 Jungle Theme Birthday Party
You can place the downloaded jungle sounds on top of the box for an added effect. Allow the children to crawl through the Jungle Cave. Cover the box with branches and twigs.

 Paint jungle animals on the side of the box and cut a few holes in the side to let in sunlight. Ask a local appliance store to save a refrigerator box. You can use solid color balloons to compliment the Jungle Themed balloons. Don't forget the Jungle Themed balloons.
Jungle Theme Birthday Party

 Here are a few examples: Zoo Parking, Party Animals Ahead, Enter At Your Risk, and Please Don't Feed the Animals. We made signs and placed them in the yard. Download Jungle Sounds and play them at the entrance of the party. The children loved them.

 We used Jungle Themed picks in the center. I had the bakery make the icing to look like grass. We used Jungle Themed cupcakes. A Jungle Themed cake is a must. We also gave each child a box of Animal Crackers along with the Party Bag.
 Jungle Theme Birthday Party

 Oriental Trading has a great selection of games and party favors at a great price. After the party, we gave them away to the children and guests. We used jungle animals that we found at the local Good Will Store for table center pieces. Mac and Cheese was Quick Sand, hamburgers were Jungle Burgers, and hot dogs were Slim Dogs, Spaghetti Salad was Snake Salad etc. Place them in the punch along with Pop Rocks.
Jungle Theme Birthday Party

 Place them in ice trays, cover with fruit punch and freeze them. Purchase small bugs from your local Dollar Store. For example, we had Bug Punch. We came up with creative names for the food and drinks, the kids loved it. Decide on a menu.

 You can find these at any Party Store or your local Dollar Store. Depending on the number of table cloths needed, you can use a solid color to compliment the themed table covering. Use Jungle Themed table cloths, plates, and cups. Wal-Mart has party invitations at a great price.

 You can find great deals on-line if you can spend the money for a custom invitation or make them yourself. Look for an invitation with a jungle theme. Here are a few ideas for a successful and fun filled Jungle Themed party: Your invitations set the tone. Friends of the Jungle Have Gathered To Say; Please Join Us To Celebrate A Special Birthday!

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