Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ant Birthday Cake

Ant Birthday Cake

Ant Birthday Cake
It was a great party! I even cut some up and sewed quick placemats. The background material (the red/white cloth with the ant print) I found at Walmart of all places!

 For the large ants, I simply found some Styrofoam balls, spray painted them, glued wiggly eyes on to pushpins so they would be easier to attach, and used black pipe cleaner for the legs and antennas, which I just pushed into place. I did glue the Happy Birthday part onto green construction paper so my spacing would be right and so things would go faster for me when I actually put the cake together. I found some plastic ants at a
Ant Birthday Cake
local eclectic shop in Raleigh, so I used those coming out of the anthill, marching along to spell Happy Birthday. For the grass, I dyed coconut and sprinkled that around. I basically did a bunt cake, used icing to make it look like a hill, and then sprinkled crushed graham crackers on top for the dirt effect.

 I began thinking of ideas for birthday cake decorations and decided ants are usually where picnics are, so why not do an anthill. I had the usual red/white and blue/white checkered tablecloths as well as sunflowers for extra decoration. I decided to do a picnic theme for my husband's birthday. I also surrounded the ant with grass (coconut with green food coloring) and dirt (crushed
Ant Birthday Cake
Oreo's). I used black licorice for legs and antenna and marshmallow's for eyes.

 For the birthday cake decorations cover it with black icing. Bake three round cakes, let it cool. This was very easy. It takes one and a half cake mixes. I used the Wilton ball pan for the ant.

 I used a picnic tablecloth. I also made each of the kids a little bug cake, ladybugs, bees and spiders. I made a big ant for the middle of the
Ant Birthday Cake
table with grass and dirt surrounding it. I did a bug party for my son's 1st birthday party. I had to add quite a bit to get it really black and everyone's mouths were black, adding to our fun.

 It was a chocolate cake and I added black coloring to prepared fudge frosting. I got a few ideas on this site for birthday cake decorations and here's how it turned out. I was trying to think up an interesting idea and looked down and saw an ant!  My daughter's summer birthday is usually spent at our summer cabin in the mountains.

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